There are five committes and two coordinator positions that make up LAC. Each committee and coordinator position is led by two people, with the exception of the Liberator. Committee chairs are responsible for planning and executing committee activities and delegation of committee responsibilities. Coordinators are tasked with recruitment and retention within the council.


The Academic Affairs committee develops college-wide programs and hosts events that enrich the student academic experience in Liberal Arts by connecting students with faculty outside of the classroom. The committee also facilitates the distribution of $12,000 in study abroad scholarships each year and other faculty recognitions such as the Liberal Arts Council Excellence in Advising Award and Jean Holloway Teaching Award.

lac sp17-16.jpg

Michaela Lavelle

  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Major(s): Psychology
  • Email: michaela.lavelle@utexas.edu
  • Favorite Cheese: Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella

Alyssa Ashcraft

  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Major(s): Psychology, Government
  • Email: alyssa.ashcraft16@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: Mozzarella 


The Student Affairs committee develops, programs, and encourages student involvement within the college by way of events and engagement with resources like Liberal Arts Career Services (LACS). The committee helps to develop well-rounded students by facilitating connections with on-campus resources, helping to foster a community within the College of Liberal Arts, and aiding in extra-curricular enrichment to aid students both during and after their college careers.

lac sp17-14.jpg

Michaela Ellis

  • Classification: Senior
  • Major(s): Government 
  • Email: michaelaellis5678@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: String

Kate Hodges

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): Psychology
  • Email: katemariehodges@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: Goat Cheese


The College Ambassadors committee engages in direct dialogue with the students and administration of COLA departments, centers, and programs.  The committee plans and develops town halls, focus groups, and surveys to reach underserved populations in the college, and better identify widespread student issues. Members of the committee help to host and facilitate discussion of COLA issues with the deans of the college during regularly scheduled Dean’s Meetings. The committee also helps coordinate the Liberal Arts Affiliated Organizations.


Ishaana Talesara

  • Classification: Sophomore

  • Major(s): Economics, Math
  • Email: italesara@utexas.edu
  • Favorite Cheese: Brie

María Fernanda Palomares Carranco

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): Mexican American & Latina/o Studies, Sociology
  • Email: palomares@utexas.edu
  • Favorite Cheese: Oaxaca (this cheese changes the game)


The Campus and Community Focus Committee fosters service minded individuals within the College of Liberal Arts. It represents liberal arts students by providing volunteer opportunities and leading targeted service initiatives. Internally, the committee coordinates LAC participation in community service events. Externally, the committee works with the Recruitment and Retention Committee of Senate to coordinate the College of Liberal Arts’ involvement with campus-wide service opportunities.

Antonia Untalan

  • Classification: Sophmore
  • Major(s): Government
  • Email: antoniauntalan@utexas.edu
  • Favorite Cheese: Mozzarella

Anilya Krishnan

  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Major(s): Government
  • Email: anilyakrishnan@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: Mozzarella, Goat Cheese


The Diversity Coordinator works closely with the Membership Director in order to recruit a more diverse new member class and to promote an open dialogue about better advocating for the interests of underrepresented groups in COLA. The Diversity Coordinator engages directly with student organizations on campus to facilitate diversity within LAC.

lac sp17-17.jpg

Jacob Hood

  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Major(s): English, Sociology, African & African Diaspora Studies
  • Email: jacobhood@utexas.edu


The Liberator is the official publication of the College of Liberal Arts. As a liberal arts-focused news magazine, they aim to keep students connected to the university through updates on legislation, campus affairs, world news, and student life. Liberator heads work to maintain an award–winning news blog and publish one print issue per semester. Liberator publications reach thousands of students every year. 

Samantha Bolf

  • Classification: Senior

  • Major(s): English, Philosophy
  • Email: samibolf@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: Goat, even though it's mainstream

Rebekah Edwards

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): English
  • Email: rebekahedwards@utexas.edu
  • Favorite Cheese: Mozzarella

Nikki LaSalla

  • Classification: Senior
  • Major(s): English, RTF
  • Email: nlasalla53@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: That unnatural nacho cheese stuff


The Development Coordinators are responsible for bringing new opportunities to the council in terms of outreach, sponsors, and funding. Each semester they brainstorm and enact new initiatives to increase LAC's presence in the college and among graduates in the University's community. Development Coordinators are also charged with communicating with LAC alumni after their service in the council.

lac sp17-11.jpg

David Spector

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): Government, Russian, Eastern European Studies, Textile and Apparel Design, English
  • Email: davidspector@utexas.edu
  • Favorite Cheese: Provolone, Sharp Tillamook

Madison Gaona

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): Government, Women and Gender Studies
  • Email: madison.gaona@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: None


The Traditions Coordinators aim to create an exciting culture through fellowship and leadership that fosters relationships, builds community, and connects members for the betterment of the Liberal Arts Council and the college. Traditions is in charge of and takes pride in ensuring that members within the council feel comfortable, and we offer various events and programs that create a fun, stress-free environment.

lac sp17-18.jpg

Ben Vega

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): IRG, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Email: benjamin.vega.harmony@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: Swiss for sandwiches, Mozzarella overall

Quincy Yarbrough

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): Rhetoric & Writing, French
  • Email: quincy.yarbrough13@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: All


The Policy Coordinators serve to promote engagement with policy both within the Policy Sub-Committee and in LAC at large. In the pursuit of drafting, passing, and properly implementing substantial policy, the coordinator aids in student outreach by attending focus groups, town halls, and Deans Meetings. They work to improve communication about policy between the four standing committees by attending committee meetings. The coordinator also fulfills the role of Parliamentarian by giving legislative updates at General Assembly, taking vote counts, and presenting legislation in a neutral and unbiased fashion.

lac sp17-15.jpg

Ardian Shaholli

  • Classification: Junior
  • Major(s): Government, Sociology
  • Email: ardianshaholli123@gmail.com
  • Favorite Cheese: Swiss

Chloe Kersh

  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Major(s): IRG, French
  • Email: chloekersh@utexas.edu
  • Favorite Cheese: Asiago, but if unavailable: Parmesan